EA-Sweeper Make Your Clean Easy
Date:2016-7-15 Pageview:3007

EALITA build a new product: Ride On Sweeper

It's ideal for sweeping large areas in total comfort, quickly and at low costs, as it successfully with minimal maintance and downtime.

Major Users:

Food Industry

Trucking and Warehousing

Paper and Allied Products

Chemical Industry

Cleaning Contractors

Shopping Malls

Large Hotel Areas

Lumber and Wood Products

Service Stations

Airports ( indoor areas )


Major Specifications

Main Brush Width: 450mm

Total Sweeping Path: 1050mm

Maximum Cleaning Capacity: 8000-10000 m2/h

Hopper: 50 Litres

Power Source: Battery

Continue Working Time: 3-4 hours

Dimension: 1396 x 1050 x 1280 mm

Ride On Sweeper (1).jpg

Ride On Sweeper (2).jpg

Ride On Sweeper (3).jpg

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